Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pillosophy of the Day ♥ Stretch that Body

Most of us forget a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to training and working out our bodies. We push our muscles to the limit and wonder why we aren't reaching the next level of fitness.
Wall Pose
Is this you? If so you are probably putting your body through too much stress. Do you have a rest/recover day? When I say rest, I don't mean just lump on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Rest should be a day of retreat for those overworked bodies.

I'm not the best at stretching but I am working on it, especially since my work-outs have increased intensity. A day of stretching, a light walk, a nice Soak in the tub. Trust me your body will love you and thank you for it later. I personally like to dedicate My rest days to a Hatha Yoga Day. I work on my deep stretches and to mix it up I will play with some poses. 

This routine is good for all fitness levels, athletes, and work-out enthusiasts. Remember your body will tell you what needs more attention when it comes to stretching, listen to it. I know I have to pay close attention to my shoulder and hamstrings. 

Did you Know?
Stretching Improves Flexibility
Improves Blood Flow
Increases Range of Motion (Speed and Accuracy)

  • Warm up first: warm muscles, tendons, and ligaments are more flexible and stretch more easily; stretching cold muscles can cause tears.
  • Stretches should always be gradual and gentle.
  • Hold each stretch in a static position for 10 to 20 seconds, allowing the muscle to lengthen slowly.
  • Do not bounce; bouncing actually causes muscle fibers to shorten, not lengthen.
    Stretch only to the point of resistance; if the stretch hurts, you´re pushing too hard.
  • Don´t rush through the stretching routine; use it to prepare yourself mentally and physically for activity.
Upper Body Stretches
Lower Body Stretches

Complete the entire series and you will feel much more limber

Now these are just some basic stretches, take your time and listen to what your body wants. Happy Training. :-)
Sunday Yoga


  1. I have been using your lower body stretches and it has been helpful for my legs after I run. Thanks

    1. Awesome! Feel free to mix them up. your body will tell you what it likes and needs.