Saturday, March 2, 2013

Summer Ready: 14 Day Shred Challenge

I have been working on 2 week shredder that will get you on track and have you looking and feeling great. The main thing is that you have to stick with it. Yes it will be hard, yes you will feel a little off. But remember that is normal.

When you start making changes to your nutrition and fitness, your body is the biggest complainer. Remember it's all in the mind. Tell yourself that you can do this, You will do this, You have to do this.

I welcome you all to give this a try for 2 weeks. Please post your comments below and give feedback. You are my audience and I learn from you as well. Remember I am with you on this one.

Work-Out Plan 14 Days

Day 1: Upper Body, Abs
Day 2: Lower Body
Day 3: Cardio, Abs
Day 4: Upper Body, Abs
Day 5: Lower Body
Day 6:Cardio, Abs
Day 7: Rest

You will incorporate light weight and high reps, this will increase your blood flow and help you burn more calories. You will also be working with your own body weight, so push yourself. On your Cardio days do 45-60 minutes and stay in your fat burning HR Zone.
You will perform each Circuit in 15 minutes four times with a ladder set of 12,10,8,8

Upper-Body Break Down: x3
Push Ups
Bench Press (bar or dumb bell)
Overhead Shoulder Press (dumbbells)
Tricep Dips (use a bench for these)
Dumbbell Lateral Raises (dumbbells)
Bicep Curls (bar or dumbbells)
Pull-Ups (use a bar or under a table)
Bent Over Row (bar or dumbbells)
1 minute rest and repeat

Lower Body Break Down:x3
Squats/Leg Press (with or without Bands)
Lying(on Stomach) Leg Curls (with or without Bands)
Straight leg Dead Lifts
Alternating Lunges with Weight
Calf Raises
Box Jumps
Leg Extensions with (weight or band)
Sumo Jump Squats
Thrusters (with weight)
1 minute rest and repeat

Ab Break Down:x2
25 Crunches
25 oblique Crunches (alternating)
25 Reverse Crunches
Rest 10 Secs.
25 Bicycles (alternating)
25 Leg Lifts with Reverse Crunch
30 Sec Plank Hold
10 sec Rest
30 Sec Side Plank hold (each Side)

Meal Plan:
Egg Whites,
Oat meal, cinnamon

Morning Snack
nut butter (almond or peanut)
1 scoop Protein powder(whey)
rice Cakes or raw vegetable

Serving of Lean protein
Low Carb Vegetable
Serving of Healthy Fat
and 1 serving of Whole grain or complex carb

Mid-day snack
Protein bar, or protein shake, Or cottage cheese and vegetable

Lean protein
healthy Fat

Night Snack
Protein,Yogurt(preferably Greek style)

You should be consuming 1400-1450 Calories for the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to play with the proteins. You will be on a 40/40/20 spilt. Meaning 40% of your Calories will be Protein, 40% will be Carbs, and 20% will be Healthy Fats. You will avoid all processed and refined sugars for the next two weeks. Remember it's about eating right and clean.

If it doesn't have a mother or it doesn't come from the earth: STAY AWAY!

Good Luck and I'll see you in 14 Days. Feel free to ask questions I will answer.

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