Friday, August 2, 2013

Imagine ∞ a Better You

  Ever find yourself in a place that is unwarranted, dark, lonely and scary? You’ve opened the wrong door and can’t find your way out of this dark weird space. We, including myself have been in this room at least once in our lives. Some of us have a year round all inclusive stay at this “dark resort”. Every day I encounter people that ‘enjoy’ staying in this dark, funky and toxic state of mind. In my perfect world everyone would be running through beautiful fields peonies and loving life. But why can’t we learn to shake it off and not sweat the small stuff.

Someone once told me that we are in control of how we want life to affect us.  This is very true. I am not saying to take an “I don’t care” approach to life, but don’t spend unnecessary energy on the things that we can’t control and rather spend energy on the things we can make better.

Instead of harboring on the negative energy take a stance with a positive outlook.  Introduce meditation and mantras to your life. Find a space where you can dedicate 10 minutes of just peace with your own thoughts. A corner in your room is good also underneath a tree in a park, the inside your your car in a parking lot, etc. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and relax. Try not fixate on the negative thoughts that infiltrate your mind. Instead write those worries down and tell yourself you will address them later. Now find a word that you can chant and just focus on the association to that word. Dismiss the distractions and tap into the root of that word. What is the issue? Remember end with a positive mantra. You can do this, you are strong , you are great, you are ready.
I recently read Debbie Johnson’s “Think yourself Thin: The Visualization Technique that will make you lose weight without diet or exercise” and found some great points that can be applied to everyday life.

Although the book offered great tips I still believe that a proper nutrition plan and exercise is the best formula for the human body. Here are some tips I want to share with all of you.

1.Push forward using your unconscious: by consciously controlling your thoughts you can change your self-image and how you react to events that occur around you. What do you want to achieve? Imagine it constantly and it will manifest.
2. Accept and Love Yourself just as you are NOW: embrace your best qualities. write down your best 5 and keep them. When you are feeling lost remind yourself of your awesomeness!
3. Believe in yourself first: Your imagery is powerful. If you believe that you are capable then you can do it. If you think you are thin you will loose the weight. Only you are responsible for how things affect you. Do whatever it takes to convince the mind. Every cell in your body reacts to your thoughts. How do you want them to respond?

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